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CPS 30kW Bi-Directional PCS

Accessories for String Inverters

Shade Cover

Our shade cover is design and manufactured by CPS specifically for use with our 23, 28, 36, 50 and 60kW string inverters. The covers help protect the inverter in harsh weather conditions (snow, ice) and reduces the thermal gain caused by direct sunlight.

A shade cover is required for installations at less than 75∞ from parallel.

Key Features
  • Increase energy harvest by reducing inverter temperature clipping in high temp environments.
  • Designed to mount directly to the inverter.
  • Lay flat shipping design reduces packaging waste and improves handling at the job site.
  • Easy to install – four fasteners with hand tools.
  • Easy access to the wire-box and LCD screen WITHOUT remove the shade cover.

CPS 30kW/65kWh

Locking Disconnect Covers

Why locking disconnect covers?

  • Reduce random tampering by passers-by in a publicly accessible install environment such as a bank or school
  • Reduce a truck roll to reset the inverter when turned off by accident
  • One key works for all. Easy key management with a marked key box on the site

Is this code compliant ? 

  • Installers need to verify code compliance with local AHJs and Inspectors.

CPS 60kW / 130kWh

Lay Flat Mounting Options

CPS has partnered with various mounting hardware providers to develop an easy ‘lay flat’ mounting solution for commercial rooftops. These racks are available at various tilt angles and orientations. To know more contact your sales representative.